Day 11: Circle of awesome

Ahhh…how is it only day 11?! Firstly, my arms don’t feel like they are currently attached to my body…thanks Sarah! My sister is on holiday, but that doesn’t mean I get to skive PT sadly, I took a friend instead. Which got me to thinking about how awesome people have been about my challenge. I would say that as a family and ever since I was young food would be associated with family gatherings or big events. We would get together to eat….oh and to see each other I guess. So changing my view on food means changing their view on it too, for example explaining to my Mum that she can’t add a bottle of corona to the chilli anymore sadly.

My husband drives me insane when we eat together. We will both tuck into a lovely dinner and he eats SO slowly. Then when I finish and he still has half a plate of food left, some of which he will be keeping for the dog, don’t even get me started on that, give it to me, not the dog, I get angry! James thinks this comes from me being part of a big family, and feeling like I need to eat quickly before someone elses fork starts hovering over my plate…..Dad! Anyway my point is that your diet success can rely quite a bit on the people around you.

Jenni-Jwoww-Farley-Seth-Rogen-Diet-MemeThis has nothing to do with the post, it just made me laugh!

I have so far found that everyone has been awesome. My friends were happy to pick a diet friendly Indian for dinner last night, my husband has learnt what I can and can’t eat for when he is cooking, my Mum will get Paleo friendly foods in when I come round, my work colleagues even tried to hide their Five Guys burger visit from me…until I quizzed them about exactly what toppings they went for.

I think this point was perfectly summed up tonight, when my friend came to stay over. When she arrived she said she knew she couldn’t bring wine, or chocolates and then produced a bag of sweet potatoes from behind her back! It was actually hilarious but the perfect gift me and the big shred!


Day 11: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 23.00.56

Breakfast – Chicken, chorizo and avocado

Last night before bed I cooked up a Muscle Food chicken breast in the oven with some sliced chorizo and seasoning. I then heated this up in the microwave at work and had with half an avocado. Might seem like a weird breakfast but when you low carb, breakfast isn’t usually a typical breakfast. You can go all continental and fancy pants with some meat.

Lunch – Coronation chicken salad with crispy bacon

When I made this the other night I made 2 portions up so this was a nice easy grab from the fridge lunch.

Dinner – Beef stirfry

I had personal training tonight so I wanted something nice and quick for dinner. I used some Muscle Food diced beef which I fried in coconut oil. I then added a bag of stirfry veg, as well as extra red onion and cooked a bit longer. Then I added Marks and Spencers butternut squash noodles (or boodles if you will), a table spoon of green thai curry paste and some coconut milk. It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. Plus it made loads…see tomorrow’s lunch!

Drinks & snacks – Bootea, approx 3 litres water

Exercise – An hour of PT (which included my required burpees for the day)

Today’s top tip – Never get under your footsie blanket for an hour before you have to get up and go exercise in the cold and wet of the park!


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