Day 5: Weigh in day

Whilst I am aware it has only been 4 days, Friday morning is traditionally my weigh in day. Now I know that a lot of people think the ‘fat step’ is pointless and actually we should be going by measurements, how my clothes feel and how I feel. But I’ll be honest and say it’s all about the numbers on that pesky little digital display for me. I think maybe the people who say you shouldn’t weigh yourself, are probably all skinny or beyond caring! I know that the number staring back at me is not necessarily accurate. Especially with the exercise, as muscle weighs more than fat but I like to use it as a guide/motivation.

DNZA57cI would love to tell you that I took this and E is my lovely husband….it’s from google!

scale-photoI found this online and I love it! Maybe I’ll make a sign for my scales!

Commonly, I find that I won’t lose weight every week, hence the rules, which include doing measurements every 2 weeks. When I was trying to slim down for the wedding I was constantly getting annoyed that those bloody numbers weren’t going down on the scales. Yet I felt amazing, I was changing shape, I now had a waist. My measurements were going down loads, but for some reason I just had a set weight goal in my head. And whilst I did reach it in the end, I wish I hadn’t obsessed over it so much.
My new years resolution for 2016 was that I was only going to weigh myself once a month, that didn’t last because I decided it was ok to have a bag of crisps, I had a whole month to rectify it before the fat step called. So I am going to weigh in once a week but I’m going to try and not let it rule me. And once I get back down to a weight I am happy with I would like to get rid of them altogether…nice idea, we’ll see if it happens!
Anyway on to the good stuff, the results! I nervously stepped on the scales, probably more nervous than ever. It’s one thing weighing in for yourself, another when you have to write about it and put the results out there! So in 4 days I have shed 6lbs! I am very pleased and it has given me the motivation to get through the weekend, where I usually dismount the wagon/fall hard, really really hard off the wagon, the wagon then usually reverses over my poor tubby corpse.

Day 5: Shred Log

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 21.02.32.png

Breakfast – Leftover hache steak & fried egg

There were 2 of these in the pack so I cooked them both last night and just reheated one this morning in the oven. I don’t like the yolk in a fried egg so this was just the white. Tasty and filling start to the day!

Lunch – Leftover turkey meatballs & kale

These guys….again, lucky they are tasty! Changed it up with a bit of kale, mainly because it was the only thing in the fridge. Some of my colleagues went to Five Guys for lunch, normally this would kill me but at the moment I am strangely motivated and didn’t want to punch them in the face for it….go me!

Dinner – Sausages, roast veg and fried egg

Staying up at my Mum’s this weekend and so this was a bit of a mash up of what I could find in the fridge, while my two sisters sat eating a chippy!

Drinks & snacks – Approx 3 litres water, 1 can diet Irn Bru

Exercise – REST DAY!!!!!! Although I did have to do 14 burpees.

Today’s top tip – Sometimes a sniff can suffice!