Day 1: The Diet

1 down….69 to go! I can be fairly unrealistic when it comes to the early stages of a diet. I get these grand ideas a few days in that I should be 3 stone lighter and now looking somewhere more akin to Kate Moss. I’ll even start trying on those clothes that were a bit tight and then get annoyed when they STILL don’t fit. Get a grip Bex…it’s not even been 24 hours, put the crop top and hot pants away for another day!

Kate moss

I thought I would post a bit of a food diary. I used to do this on Instagram and whilst I thought I was driving everyone insane, people actually seemed to miss it when I stopped. I am always trolling websites and cookbooks for new recipes ideas so maybe this will encourage me to keep changing things up and trying new recipes.

Breakfast – Banana Nut Porridge and Bootea 

I try to avoid eating too many bananas as they are quite carby but hey it’s still better than a bacon roll I reckon. I also added a few blueberries on top to keep the brain ticking.

I never used to eat breakfast really until I discovered Paleo and it highlighted the importance of having 3 square meals. I think this probably came from doing Weight Watchers where I figured that by skipping breakfast I could use more points on lunch, dinner and snacks. I have to say that since starting to eat breakfast I have found that I don’t need to snack as much, which is good.

Lunch – Surprise soup

The surprise is that I have no idea what it was. I am a big fan of bulk cooking and sometimes forget to label the Tupperware, so whilst I know it was diet friendly, I can tell you what it was….this happens too frequently!

Dinner – Chilli with Cauliflower rice

My Mum made a big batch of her amazing chilli and this was some of the leftovers. Whilst I know I can’t have kidney beans I figure it is still healthier than what I normally eat. She also adds Corona to her Chilli, which is a big no no, but the pot made about 20 portions or so, so the amount of Corona per potion would have been minimal. As I said, I’m not Gillian McKeith, I am being realistic about this…what’s a kidney bean between friends?!

Snacks & drinks – 1 apple and approx 3 litres water

Exercise – 50 minute Insanity class



The diet: Paleo

As I mentioned in my last post I would say I have pretty much tried every diet going, from the more normal Weight Watchers and 5:2 to the ridiculousness of the Weetabix diet and the soup diet. I then discovered the world of low carb. Now, anyone that knows me knows that the potato is my best friend. I love chips, crisps, even the simple boiled new potato with lashings of butter, so I thought that low carb would be beyond me. When I first started low carbing I couldn’t believe that I was going to lose any weight at all, it all felt very decadent. I spent years counting WW points and believing that ‘low fat’ and ‘low calorie’ was the way to go. I would weight everything out and religiously check labels for saturated fat and calorie figures and I think in the end this just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t see myself counting points for the rest of my life. So after a brief introduction to low carb and the Pig to Twig diet, a friend recommended Paleo. My new best friend. As I mentioned in my last post I don’t know all the sciencey stuff behind it but these are the key things I associate with Paleo:

  • Also known as ‘the caveman diet’. If a caveman didn’t eat it, you don’t eat it!
  • It is all about high fat, high protein, low carb
  • No more calorie counting and portion control
  • No sugar, no dairy, no legumes/pulses
  • Nothing low fat – words like ‘low fat’ and ‘low carb’ generally mean ‘processed’. Something has been done to it to make it ‘low fat’
  • No processed foods. Just good clean, fresh meat and veg

I cannot recommend enough that you read up about any diet before starting it. I read a book about the Paleo dieting, and while a lot of it went in one ear and out the other, it still gave me a good grasp on why and how I should do it. Paleo Diet 101 and Nom Nom Paleo provide a good overview of what’s involved.

I am a firm believer that you need to find the right diet for you and I have found that in Paleo, but I know lots of people who like Weight Watchers because you can still have a Mars Bar or chippy, as long as you have the points. I found that to be too much of a slippery slope. Paleo suits me for a number of reasons:

  • My husband used to be a chef and asking a chef who loves French cooking to use low fat creme fraiche or 1 cal spray does not go down well.
  • I have replaced my good friend the potato with its equally lovely acquaintance, the sweet potato. Chip fix….sorted!
  • Who doesn’t love eating lots of meat?
  • I love eating out and don’t find Paleo to be too restricting. I could still have a curry and substitute the rice for a salad or spinach, I can still have a burger but go bunless with a salad or even better sweet potato fries. You can still have a nice big steak, you just need to substitute those carby chips for veg…done!

I do have to disclaim just one wee negative, the headaches! The first week of sugar withdrawals gives me horrible headaches but persevere, it will go away! So for my 70 day shred I will be following a Paleo diet. I will 100% not get it spot on everyday (sometimes I need cheese & Irn Bru sugar free), and before people tell me I am doing it wrong….I don’t care alright?! Atleast I’m trying!

I will leave you with my top tip for today….brush your teeth early to avoid late night biscuit tin foraging….you don’t get this kind of insight in your fancy healthy blogs/magazines! You are welcome!

P.S. I promise all my posts won’t be this long!



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