Mission Slimpossible – My 70 day Shred Challenge

I am not a dietitian, I am not a personal trainer, I am not Gillian McKeith. I am a normal 28 year old woman, I have a full time job, a naturally skinny husband and a serious love affair with food. I would say, whilst not hugely overweight, I am someone who has always struggled with my weight. When I was 16 I joined Weight Watchers with my Gran and I have yoyo’d and fad dieted since then, often with little success.

In 2013 my husband proposed to me and we set a date for our wedding in July 2015. I had big ideas about how much weight I would be able to lose in 2 years, I wanted people to look at me on my wedding day and think ‘oh is she maybe now too thin’! Suffice to say this did not happen and at the beginning of 2015 I realised I needed to sort my shit out! Up until this point I was still exercising and dieting on and off but I needed to take it more seriously. Cue 6 months of Insanity, Piyo, bootcamp, PT sessions and my new friend the Paleo diet. I lost 2.5 stone and I can quite happily say that I felt AMAZING on my wedding day. I discovered collar bones that I didn’t know I had and became weirdly proud of my little guns. People constantly asked if I was going to keep it up after the wedding and I confidently replied ‘of course I will’.


Well that didn’t happen! I went on my honeymoon to Italy, the land of carbs and then the Paleo gate was closed and I entered back into my old ways and slowly started to put on the pounds. Every Sunday I tell myself I am getting back on the wagon and then Friday comes and so does the wine….and the lovely carbs….and mmm ice cream….!

So I thought I would embark upon my own little challenge. 70 days/10 weeks of good old clean eating, exercising and healthy living. I don’t do all science and the nitty gritty about food and exercise, there will be things that people think I am doing wrong, I am not perfect but if I can do it anyone can. I am hoping that this blog will help keep me on track and if it helps motivate other people then all the more reason! So here I go.

These are my rules, they are not fancy and the are very achievable, so no excuses:

  1. Weigh myself once a week (I know this shouldn’t be important but I find it keeps me motivated)
  2. Do my measurements every 2 weeks (Because there will be weeks when I don’t shed pounds but I might drop a centimetre or so)
  3. Take photos of myself at weeks 1, 5 and 10 (I am all about the visuals)
  4. I will only allow alcohol one night a week (I did consider cutting it out altogether but again, I am normal, I like wine and margaritas, and I need this to be realistic)
  5.  Only 5 treats during the 10 weeks (Again I considered none, but we have to have some rewards, it is just about making sure they don’t spiral)
  6. I MUST exercise at least 3 times a week (This shouldn’t be too hard as I do attend regular classes)

And that is it. Should be easy enough right?

I am going to try and post a blog each day charting my progress and thoughts, I will also be using my Instagram page to post regular updates.

Wish me luck….nothing tastes as good as skinny feels….right?


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